Our company offers services in horticultural consultancy and in contract research in the field of plant biotechnology. In horticultural consultancy we provide solutions for plantation of horticultural crops in diverse agro climates like semi arid to tropical humid to saline to black cotton type soil. We have in our team well experienced horticulturists from academic to practical field to provide true solutions to your needs.

Research & Development

Commercial Tissue Culture Plant Research
Research Products

We strongly focus on market oriented, commercial utilization of biotech research, so that it benefits our farmers and growers, and contributes to the pressing need of poverty alleviation and enhanced food nutrition and security.

Plant Research Services
Research Services

Being a recognized R&D unit with a strong technical team lead by experienced leaders, we can offer starter cultures, technology transfer of our existing product lines and contract research services to other TCPU's and other organizations.

Ongoing plant research
Ongoing Research Projects

See our currently funded projects and collaborations. We welcome universities, research institutes or other academic organizations wishing to collaborate on currently funded projects or new projects.

Products derived from our in house R&D unit

Researched Tissue Culture Products

Our In House R&D Centre has added several new products to our commercial production list through in house research.

  • Potato Minituber
  • Fig Ficus carica
  • Eucalyptus Eucalyptus tereticornis clone 348
  • Lemon (Acid Lime) Citrus aurantifolia swingle
  • Tindora Coccinia indica
  • Parval Tricosanthes diocia
  • Sweet Potato
  • Salt Tolerant or salt resistant banana
  • Cold tolerant banana
  • Dihaploids of Brassica

We are certified by DBT as NCS-TCP facility and also have DSIR recognition since the year 2008. Our R&D laboratory recently upgraded to include molecular biology lab and 400 sq ft sterile area.

Services offered by our R&D unit

Services in plant and soil research and alalysis
  • Developing protocols for Micropropagation: We can develop Tailor made Micropropagation protocols up to ex-agar or ready-to-plant stage for any variety.
  • Production of Mother culture: Contract production of mother culture with exclusivity and confidentiality.
  • Anther Culture Services.
  • Diahaploid production using Anther culture: Development of haploids/di-haploids using anther culture technique to make pure lines for breeding.
  • Molecular marker analysis services: DNA finger printing using RAPD, AFLD and microsatellite markers
  • Leaf Analysis: Precision farming tool for accurate analysis of current nutrient levels in the plant
  • Projects in plant somatic cell genetics using the plant tissue culture and r-DNA technology
  • Developing stress resistant plants using in vitro somatic cell genetics technique.
  • Transgenic plants and their field testing.

Ongoing Research Projects

Tissue Culture Research projects

Development of Commercial Scale Technology for Micro - propagation of Elite Date Palm.

Sun Agrigenetics is working on micro propagation of high yielding, commercial cultivars of elite date palm, which will produce true to type plants on a mass scale. Using this technique, the desert region of India comprising 100000 ha can be planted with elite planting materials generating revenue worth Rs 5 billion from quality date fruits.As the Date palm is a unisexual plant, the propagation through seeds has limitations in that the seed progeny gives 40% female plants. Further, as the plant is an obligate cross pollinator, the resultant progeny is never identical to the mother plant. Thus, in vitro micro propagation is the only alternative to produce propagules that are uniform, elite and true to mother plants. However, the micro-propagation of date palm is rather difficult and success has been reported only by a few groups

Now, thanks to financial backing from DBT, via the SBIRI scheme, and transfer of technology from a foreign collaborator, the available knowledge has been extrapolated to Indian varieties of Date Palm, and a successful introduction, absorption, and refinement of micro propagation protocolsis being done at done at R and D level. Further, the micro-propagated date palm will be verified for their true to type genetic fidelity by molecular methods such as AFLP, RFLP and micro satellites and they will also be virus indexed to ascertain their disease free status.

Development of Commercial Scale Technology for Micro - propagation of Elite Red Sandalwood in India.

Red sanders, a species endemic to Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh (India), is vanishing day by day due to conventional propagation problems, changes in habitat and human interference in view of socio- economic conditions of the local people. On the other hand, red sandalwood trade is blooming as a multi-dollar-business in the global market, mainly due to its use as highly prized timber (approximately Rs. 3 crores per ton in the international market), and a means of radiation containment in nuclear reactors.

Based on the elite characters, Red sanders micro-propagation technology will be developed at the R & D Laboratory of Sun Agrigenetics Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara. The elite micro-propagated plants produced in the laboratory will be analyzed for their genetic fidelity by molecular techniques such as AFLP, RFLP and micro satellites. The standardized technology will be scaled up in the commercial set up of the Sun Agrigenetics Pvt. Ltd. The plants produced will be hardened and made available for plantations.